New Regulation On Visa Procedure

Londra Büyükelçiliği 13.11.2013

In accordance with the Turkish Law on Foreigners and International Protection (Law no. 6458), which was published in the Official Gazette on 11 April 2013, the practice of issuing affixed/stamped visa at the border gates shall be concluded as of 10 April 2014, the date on which the above mentioned Law enters into force.

The affixed/stamped visas will be issued simultaneously with the e-visa system until 10 April 2014. Beginning from 10 April 2014, the affixed/stamped visa will no longer be issued at the border gates and totally replaced by the e-visa system.

In light of the foregoing, as of 10 April 2014, nationals of the United Kingdom who require visa to visit Turkey, could only obtain their visa from the website prior to their journey to Turkey.

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