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Press Release Regarding The Presidency Conclusions Of The Brussels European Council , 24.06.2009

The phenomenon of ever increasing migration stemming from poverty and instability is one of the significant facts of our contemporary world.

Turkey, geographically located next to the EU as well as bordering some of the most destabilized regions of the world, has been facing a growing influx of illegal migrants and has been trying to counter this problem resolutely with its increasing capacity.

Turkey as a negotiating candidate country to the EU, has been continuously reminding that it would expect from its European partners, to share the burden on its shoulders caused by illegal migration.

However, the reference to Turkey, in the illegal migration paragraph of the Presidency Conclusions of the Brussels European Council of 18-19 June 2009, has been far from reflecting such a partnership approach.

We reiterate once again that the complex phenomenon of illegal migration requires shared responsibility, international solidarity and burden sharing.