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Press Release Regarding The Framework Agreement And Ceasefire Agreement Between The Sudanese Government And The Liberation And Justice Movement (ljm) , 24.03.2010

Turkey welcomes the signing of the Framework Agreement and Ceasefire Agreement between the Sudanese Government and the Liberation and Justice Movement (LJM) in Doha on 18 March 2010.

Turkey considers these agreements as steps taken strengthening the expectations for all the rebel groups in Darfur to participate in the peace process.

The fact that this step has been taken just prior to the “International Donors Conference for the Development and Reconstruction of Darfur” co-chaired by Egypt and Turkey and organized on 21 March 2010, in Cairo has also attributed another meaning to these agreements.

Turkey will continue to give its full support to the efforts of the United Nations and the African Union and all other parties in securing a lasting peace in Darfur and in Sudan in general.